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City2City Radio station was created over a decade ago by entrepreneurs Denise Diaz and Lisa Parker.


Its mission is to bridge cultural gaps through 

music and dialog.

The vision is to impact the young and the old and to influence the cultural deficit by creating a sense of community, cultural awareness, pride, and love.

The purpose is to use this platform to reach the masses and teach about the history of music, how it impacted the lives of the people, and how it still influences our current culture and independent lives.  From diets (food and how we eat), to how we treat one another is reflected in the music.  We understand the reality that we "LIVE THE MUSIC".

Through music and talk shows City2City Radio empowers the community and helps the needy.

City2City Radio also collaborate with City2city Artz a

non-profit org and other local organizations and businesses to support and show love to the community.

Our passion is music.

Feel the music


City2City Radio!